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Pastor Ola & Minister Tosin Olajuwon
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Pastor Ola Simon Olajuwon is a teacher of the word, with prophetic mandate and intercessory ministry, he is an ordained Pastor in Christ Apostolic Church, worldwide. 

He is an accomplished entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, an author, and prolific writer. He is the CEO of True Direction Word Network, Media Evangelistic Ministry, Senior Pastor at Salvation House, Christ Apostolic Church, UK. His passion is to raise intercessors, a mandate to prepare the next generation of prayer intercessors to demonstrate authority, power, signs, and wonders to know the ways and to witness the acts of God. 

He holds Diploma in Banking, Diploma in Ministerial Studies from Joseph Ayo Babalola University; B.Th. in Ministerial Theology from University of Roehampton, London; Post Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy, London South Bank University, London.

Pastor Ola is married to Tosin who is also a faithful minister and co-labourer in the ministry, they are blessed with wonderful children


Passionate About Witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inspiring Others. 

Minister Oluwatosin Olajuwon is a minister of the Gospel and along with her husband Pastor Ola Olajuwon, are ministers in charge of Christ Apostolic Church-Salvation House in Croydon- London.

Minister Tosin has been on church administrative leadership by HIS grace in Nigeria, Germany and now in England for the past 30 years at different capacity, mostly leading Women of Generational Greatness.

She operates in her calling as a profound teacher of the Word, Prophetic Intercessor with proven results, and motivational speaker.

Min. Tosin is a sort after conference speaker due to her dynamic, proactive, and resourceful way of delivering the Word. 

A natural leader, Tosin is a loyal friend, mother, mentor, and confidant of many. She is the founder of Online Daily Prayer, committed to see celebration in the lives of God’s people.

She begged her BSc (Honours) in Public Health and MBA in the same discipline from Anglia Ruskin University. She works for Sutton Council as an Assessment Officer.

Min. Tosin is blessed with biological and spiritual children.

Mission Statement

To build a church that embraces all people groups: nationality, ethnicity, age, sex and social background where they are accepted, loved, encouraged and where they find a place and home to find Christ, discover, nurture and deploy their God given potentials.


1. To build a church that reflects the 'community of the king'
2. To build a church where members are empowered by equipping, motivating, and encouraging to realise, maximise and to deploy their God given potential for their lives, the community, and the work of the kingdom.
3. To build a church that seeks to fulfil its God given purpose for which Christ gave His life, where everyone is a witness and an evangelist reconciling the world to God.
4. To build a church where, every member knowing their position in Christ and growing together unto maturity in the unity of faith and the knowledge of Him is a winner:

Our motto: New Dawn, Mercy Connections

5. To build a church whose ministry is holistic to meet the need of the whole man: physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological.
6. To build a church that is family oriented by promoting family values as the bedrock on which the whole ministry holds.
7. To build a church with a youth and young adults ministry that is key to the provision of an environment and atmosphere enabling them to discover and develop themselves in their pursuits for excellence in academics, spiritual and social life and to prepare them for the outside world in positions of leadership to influence their generations for Christ.
8. To build a church with a children ministry where the environment and atmosphere is conducive for their development and training in the way they must grow; emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, academicals and respectful.
9. To build a church which is rapid in its growth in all facets: spiritually, physically, numerically, and financially through fervent worship, dynamic teaching and preaching, fellowship, evangelism, discipleship, mentoring and leadership development.
10. To build a church that is relevant to its area of accountability through engagement and social working, preaching, and living of the gospel
12. To build a church that networks with Para-organisations and churches in impacting the neighborhood, Area of accountability, Borough, London, and the United Kingdom.
13. To engage in home and overseas missions in line with the great commission

We stand here to declare today that as Jesus said: 'I will build my church…….' So, we tune in to say that by His enabling grace and mercies, we will fulfil this vision.


1. The Bible is normative for the life of this community: Salvation House, Christ Apostolic Church - New Dawn, Mercy Connection Centre.
2. This community is that where all members are involved in learning to become true disciples of Jesus.
3. This community understands that we are different from the world and yet in it because of our participation in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.
4. This community will uncompromisingly and inspirationally proclaim the full Gospel.
5. In this community, fervent worship is the central act by which we celebrate with great joy and thankfulness the presence of God and His promised future which is our hope.
6. The community is mindful of how we behave towards one another and practice reconciliation. Our relational dynamics include:

  • Living together in truth, living together in love, living together in unity yet, enjoying its diversity,

  • Living together in honesty and integrity, growing together in Christ, accepting one another,

  • Encouraging one another, supporting one another, forgiven one another,

  • Respecting and honoring one another, preferring one another.

7.   In this community, we are accountable to one another forbearing with one other in love.
8.   This community is warm in practicing hospitality.
9.   Our community have community integration at their heart and will continually seek ways to be relevant to the area of its accountability.
10. This community is incarnational in its ecclesiology to be Christ to those who do not know Him by word, deed and through our lifestyle. Thus, we are a vital public witness.

  • Re - structuring,

  • Fervent Praise and Worship,

  • Biblical Preaching and Teaching of the Word,

  • Leadership Training and Developing,

  • Developing and Equipping ministries,

  • Formation of Home Cells,

  • Community oriented activities,

  • Developing Discipleship and Maturity class,

  • Missions, Educational Ministries.

Future / Projections / For Next Face


1. To build 24 hours Intercessory and Prayer Booths
2. To raise an Institute of Discipleship Centre
3. To have branches over United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and Africa
4. To have a Dynamic Youth & Teens Centre
5. A Care Group Ministry
6. Daycare & Nursery Centre
7. Radio / Television / social media transmitting platforms
8. Develop Library and Resources 
9. A feeding Mission Field
10. A foundation for the less – privileges /orphanages /homeless needs

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